【tdr0294】Custodial are not allowed to bend down?


Specialists “custodial” manages and maintains cleanness of Tokyo Disney Resort.

It is impressive how they clean speedy having toy broom on the right hand and dustpan on the left hand. The movement sharpness even makes you feel refreshing.

Anyway, when such custodial cleans there is movement that they are not allowed to do.

That is “to bend down”.

They never bend down to clean. They use long handle toy broom and dustpan to not have to bend down.

But why they are not allowed to bend down?

The reason for that is to prevent the minor collision with guests.

Tokyo Disney Resort is where tens of thousands of people come and go everyday.

And many guests tend to look out for attractions or shops rather than where they are going.

When custodial was bending down to clean in such condition… there is possibility of gusts getting injured like fall or sprain their ankle without knowing there is custodial. To prevent that custodial are not allowed to bend down.

Behind the action of cleaning smartly without bending down had reason for it. This kind of fine consideration is the reason Tokyo Disney Resort becoming the first class theme park.

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