【tdr0288】Magical performance that created with toy broom


Everyday tens of thousands of people visit Tokyo Disney Resort.

When this many people gathers it isn’t strange the inside the Tokyo Disney Resort become full of garbage, but Tokyo Disney Resort is spotless.

This is because “custodial” is working hard.

“Custodial” means “maintain and manage” and it indicates casts who mainly do cleaning.

Custodial cleans with having toy broom on the right hand and dustpan on the left hand.

To call “toy broom” is worthy of dreamland.

Anyway, because custodial cleans carefully, so the Tokyo Disney Resort is maintaining cleanly, but cleaning isn’t the only job they have. Custodial is also the cast of Tokyo Disney Resort, so they also perform to make guests to enjoy.

That performance is done when there is puddle after raining.

They draw Disney character on the ground by putting tip of “toy broom” on the puddle.

The picture they draw is high quality.

The way they draw familiar Disney characters quickly with toy broom is like you are watching magic. After all, custodial is “sorcerer of dreamland”.

If you get to meet custodial after the rain they may show you their magic.

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