【tdr0281】There is a cast who works since Tokyo Disneyland opened


Now there are 2,196 of employees at Tokyo Disney Resort, 797 employees at theme park, and 18,890 junior employees are working as cast (as of 2014, March 31st).

Everyday they treat the guests having pure thought of entertain them without forgetting to have ambition.

By that us the guests can enjoy fully the dreamland from bottom of our hearts, so we cannot thank enough.

Also, when working as cast at Tokyo Disney Resort, cast is asked to have various elements like professional service, knowledge of Disney and attraction other than attend manual for guests.

To work as cast at Tokyo Disney Resort is nothing easy.

Even cast is not such an easy job there is a person who works as a cast at Tokyo Disneyland since it opened in 1983.

The person is Tomoko Makishima.

She is a veteran that has been working as cast for 28 years (as of 2011). She can tell us how the Tokyo Disneyland was back in the days, she is knowledgeable, and her service skill shines, which she achieved in these years.

Because she has such a long history of working as cast, so it is not over exaggerated to say that she is walking her life together with Tokyo Disneyland.

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