【tdr0269】The forbidden pose that casts are not allowed to do when taking photo.


I am sure there are many opportunities to take photos when visiting Tokyo Disney Resort.

There are many ways of enjoying taking photos like take photos of Disney characters, taking photos include yourself, or ask the casts to take photos of you. Some people do take photos with the casts too.

It is the commemorative photo, so you probably make some poses to take photos, but there is forbidden pose that casts are not allowed to do.

The pose is “V sign”.

Why do you think the V sign is forbidden?

From the point of view of Japanese V sign is the pose, which indicates peace. Especially this pose is often used when taking photos with close friends.

But when casts do V sign… It is over-familiar or it doesn’t suit for the relationship of cast and guest. Also V sign also indicates “victory”.

So, for the casts to pose “VICTORY!” who are supposed to provide service is not right.

Also, some country thinks V sign is act of provocation.

When casts do V sign when taking photos with people from that country without knowing then it would be more than just receiving complains.

Because it is the place that people gathers from everywhere, so they need to consider the best way in global standard.

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