【tdr0260】Delight performance by fun custodial.


“Custodial” keeps the Tokyo Disney Resort clean by cleaning.

They clean by having toy broom on the right hand and dustpan on the left hand, but there is a performance of drawing Disney characters on the ground when there is puddle by putting tip of toy broom to the puddle.

Anyway, among such “custodial” there are casts who are performer wearing cleaner uniform. It is one of performance of Tokyo DisneySea “Atmosphere” and video of this has been uploaded on the Internet so became a hot topic by people think it is comical and funny.

That performance is to create sounds according to “fun custodial’s” action.

For example when they smile with showing the teeth then sound of sparkling rings, when picking up garbage the sound of scratch created….and there is a joke of creating scratch sound when high five with guests.

They perform the small show that allows communicating with guests.

The place you can see this performance is…

American Waterfront
*Mysterious Island
*Waterfront Park
*Mermaid Lagoon

They walk pass the same area in every 15 minutes, so if you want to see it live then you should wait little. They don’t perform everyday, so if you are lucky you will be able to see it.

If they happen to appear around you then you would be happy for entire day.

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