【tdr0256】The real reason why custodial’s uniform is white as snow?


“Custodial” has toy broom on the right hand and dustpan on the left hand to clean and occasionally performs to make guests pleased. They are the specialists that can able to maintain the Tokyo Disney Resort clean and are indispensable people for the dreamland.

Such custodial that works in the background of Tokyo Disney Resort.

They wear white uniform that stands out even in the crowd of people inside the park.

The uniform is brightly white and it makes you feel fresh by just seeing.

But don’t you think that uniform isn’t suitable for cleaning?

Their main duty is to clean, so to get dirty attend on cleaning. White as snow uniform makes even little dirt visible and guest can spot that on.

Then whey they wear white uniform?

Actually the reason is because it makes the dirt stand out.

Custodial have to get change when the uniform has dirty spot before the guest sees it. Therefore white uniform that makes even little dirty spot stand out is very convenient for custodial that it tells when to get change.

If the uniform is the color of not making dirt visible then there is a possibility of guests seeing uniform that may be dirty.

To uncompromising like “it’s okay it’s only dirty little bit” and this is the first class of service. Because they are working so hard, so the spotless dreamland exists as it is.

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