【tdr0251】Disney Resort’s hospitality that breaks the manual for guests.


Casts who work at Disney Resort overcome strict training, put all the details of manual in the head, and to take best action according to that rules.

So, many guests equally receive best service, but manual doesn’t always leads to the best service.

Such a thing happened at Tokyo Disney Resort restaurant.

One day, one married couple visited the restaurant.

Of course cast took them to the table for 2 and got an order. Then that married couple ordered “kids’ meal” other than their meals. To provide “kids’ meal” for not appropriate age, which isn’t just happens at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Usually casts do not accept by saying “kids’ meal cannot be provided to other than kids”, but casts wonder why they’ve ordered kids meal then asked the reason.

The married couple told the cast that they were supposed to bring their child, their child has past away a year before, and the day they’ve visited Tokyo Disney Resort was the day of the child’s birthday.

Before the child past away they made the promise to have kids’ meal at Tokyo Disney Resort restaurant and to keep the promise they ordered kids’ meal.

The casts who heard the reason have accepted the order of kids’ meal and took them to the table where it is bigger. And provided kids’ chair to provide family of three atmospheres formally to keep their promise.

This married couple was touched about how the cast treated them, so the sent a letter to say thank you after.

By that this story spread, was pointed out in company magazine, and that cast was admired.

Usually the manuals and rules are the things have to follow, but it doesn’t always leads to the best situation … this is one of the case that approved that isn’t.

Because the cast attended flexibly by thinking what can be done for the guest, so the married couple was able to keep the promise that made with their child.

Which means just manuals or rules cannot be created the first class theme park.

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