【tdr0238】There is no trainee casts?


Now Tokyo Disney Resort has 2201 of employees, theme park has 777 employees, and 18066 of junior employees of casts are working. (as of 2012, March 31st)

Because this many of casts provide superb service us the guests can enjoy purely, but here is one question.

“Tokyo Disney Resort has this many of casts, but how come we never see on their nameplate saying “trainee”?”

We often see staff having trainee nameplate at deli or restaurants, but never seen one in Tokyo Disney Resort?

Aren’t you curious about why?

One of reasons is hiding behind the strict Disney training.

They do interview and puts in groups either having a natural gift of casts or not. Then people who are prospective having a natural gift of casts get to train as a cast. During this training some people she tears, that’s how strict the training is. When talking quietly even just a little will be asked to do it again. To receive strict corrections or sermons before other trainees over and over again, so many people give up on becoming cast at half way.

They finish the training and debut as a cast, so they don’t need a nameplate saying “trainee”.

And other reason is there is no professional or new cast.

Guest never knows about if the cast is experienced or not and it doesn’t matter that guest just want to receive the best service. From that point of view they have decided there is no need to say he or she is a trainee.

This is one of way of shutting down the opportunity of them making any excuses like “because I am a trainee…”. That’s how much they put the effort it the training and only accepted people can be work as casts, so there is no problem of not showing that they are trainees.

Because it is so strict and intensive they can provide us the best and greatest service.

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