【tdr0227】Casts never say certain words?


Generally when you are shopping, going into restaurant, or visiting friend’s house you hear them saying “irasshaimase”.

If you are a Japanese then this word must have heard before.

But actually “irasshaimase” is imperative expression at the same time it is polite way of expressing welcome.

Tokyo Disney Resort never uses the word “irasshaimase”. When you think back the times been to Tokyo Disney Resort I am sure many people realize or heard casts saying that word, but do you know why?

When Disneyland first landed in Japan the manual that was translated to Japanese said casts must say “irasshaimase” to greet the guests.

Although, one of employee put a hold on to that.

The reason was “irasshaimase” wouldn’t make them feel affinity.

“Irasshaimase” is one way greeting that doesn’t necessary need response. To have sense of affinity “greeting that needs response”, which leads to communication was needed. So “irasshaimase” was decided to not use and instead of that they use “konnichiwa (hello)”

Certainly, “irasshaimase” is one way greeting and feels operative. Also it is the word coming from imperative expression, so it is agreeable that it doesn’t really have sense of affinity.

If Tokyo Disney Resort was welcoming the guests by saying “irasshaimase”… It probably became the theme park that has different sense of distance than now.

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