【tdr0213】The cast’s warm hearted attend, which doesn’t change even earthquake happens.


In 2011, March 11th, the most disastrous earthquake on record magnitude 9 of “Tohoku-Pacific Ocean earthquake” occurred.

People tend to get confuse with information, worry about tsunami, ground settlement, and building collapsing, but at Tokyo Disney Resort they all were acted calmly.

There is Disney’s code behavior of “SCSE”.

It is the code that is made taking the first letter of “Safety”, “Courtesy”, “Show”, and “Efficiency” and when casts attend the guests this order becomes the order of priority with cast’s behavior of judgment. And on the day of tragedy casts followed surely this.

40 seconds after the earthquake, there was announcement with man’s voice, which never happens to hear announcements inside the park. It was announced in Japanese and English to prevent guests to get panic and once the information of earthquake gets clear they will be announcing again.

After awhile woman announced about trains are all stopped, highway is closed, and there is no tsunami in 3 languages.

During that time each casts started off with own actions. Casts ordered to guests to protect the head, get down at where they were calmly and prevented them to get panic.

Not even that casts handed stuffed toys, which is for sales to protect their heads, delivering snacks that everybody buys for souvenir as emergency food, and giving out the cardboard boxes, which usually cannot be seen at dreamland as protection from getting the body cold. Actually there is an instruction that “to protect the guests anything that exists inside park can be used for that” and casts made that to action.

Also the casts have “an emergency drill once in two days assuming seismic intensity of 6”, so cast’s behavior was perfect that they also cared the guest’s mental-wise like went to find the hidden Mickey together, show the dance to the guests, cheered up with pretend to be some Disney character.

This theme park is a first class that can able to show how perfect their behavior was.

I take my hats off for the speed of casts making decisions and behavior.

Just 8 minuets after the earthquake, the “The earthquake measures unification headquarters”, which was leaded by president of Oriental Land was set and chain of command was occurred from Upper echelon to terminals…. This warmhearted attend is the reason of making this theme park a first class.

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