【tdr0153】What happens with unsold goods of Disney Resort?


Every year Tokyo Disney Resort sells limited goods according to the events like Valentine’s day, Halloween, and Christmas or seasons. Disney fans never get bored because the lined up goods will be different every year and can spread the goods that matches that year’s need.

These limited goods sell like hot pancakes and get sold out when it lined up on the shelf by having attracted word of “limited”.

So, tons of stocks are prepared inside the parks and the process of getting sold out and filling up is repeated. And when passing the subscription period those goods get disappear from the shelf, but don’t you get curious about the goods that have been taken out?

Even though the goods was a hot seller the stocks are prepared to not to get sold out, so more or less stocks will be left when removing the goods. These probably won’t be “disposed as it is”, but it cannot sell to the guests because the subscription period is past.

So, what would they do with it?

Actually, the products that are left get sold at “Cast Shop”. “Cast Shop” is a shop for casts that they can purchase goods of Disney parks with discount.

The casts are the “Disney fan”, so there is no way that they won’t purchase the popular goods or limited goods that have been left that they can purchase with cheaper price than the original price. There are about 20,000 casts are working at Tokyo Disney Resort, so it is enough to clean up the stocks.

Also, some casts purchase goods for their family or friends as souvenirs, so the goods sometime get not enough.

This is also the “prerogative of casts”.

Isn’t it wonderful?

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