【tdr0150】Cast training cannot be done by feeling embarrassed.


Casts who work at Tokyo Disney Resort always attend the guests with over exaggerated smile in a good way. And they move sharply and attend the guests giving the best service according to the guests.

Why can they provide thoroughgoing service?

The reason is with strict training of Disney’s.

First they do interview and put in a group either having a natural gift of casts or not. Then people who are prospective having a natural gift of casts get to train as a cast. The training starts at training center that is located at the back of “Adventureland” of Tokyo Disneyland.

The biggest purpose of training at here is to become a “cast” that can attend professionally. It is so strict that some people cry during the training.

Part of the training, there is a time of practical training the “way of attending the guests”.

The training is to attend the guest with “exaggerated action” while other trainees watching, but it is common to fail by the pressure or feeling embarrassed. When talking quietly even just a little will be asked to do it again. Of course the corrections are so strict.

Some people get depressed by receiving so many corrections. But by doing it repeatedly without giving up will make them look like a “cast”.

By the training the trains of their skill of course and the mental, the environment of guests can enjoy the time being at Disney Resort is created.

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