【tdr0138】Casts limited canoe event held at Tokyo Disneyland.


Tokyo Disneyland have attractions that can enjoy by moving your body fully other than ride type attractions.

“Beaver Brother’s Explorer Canoe” is a very popular attraction that can enjoy by paddling using your hands. This attraction goes around the “Rivers of America”, which is about 765yrd of cricoid by going on 16-seater canoe and cooperating with other guests and cast.

I am sure many people get sore muscle on the next day.

Anyway, at “Beaver Brother’s Explorer Canoe”, there is an event only involving casts once a year.

Casts will be divided into teams and compete by time trail and the event is called “Cast Canoe Race”. Each team has 11 casts and is compete on the Rivers of America.

This event is held before the Tokyo Disneyland opens, so it starts from the early morning.

But don’t you get curious about why they do canoe race?

There is other reason than “to enjoy”.

It is “to boost up the teamwork ability”.

It can boost up the teamwork ability by work as a team and get united by competing, which is important and much needed to work as a cast. Also it would be a great exercise for them and sense of accomplishment or memories will lead to motivation towards work.

When winning the victory, the team can be the “king” for a year. I am sure there are many casts have competitive spirits like “not going to loose with the team won the victory”, or ambition like “going to win the victory again”.

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