【tdr0050】Exclusive event for cast members working in Tokyo Disney Resort?


At present, 2,201 regular employees, 777 theme park employees and 18,066 semi-regular employees are working in the Tokyo Disney Resort (as of March 31, 2012). Most of them are Disney fans to the core. They are offering great service to the guests while working in an environment they love every day.

For such Disney fans, it may be fulfilling to work in the Tokyo Disney Resort as a cast member, but they should also want to enjoy as a guest, because they see right before their eyes the guests who enjoy their time there.

For those cast members who work hard for the guests every day, the Oriental Land offers thanks in the form of a special day called “Thanks Day” once a year. On the Thanks Day, the Disney Parks are opened just for the cast members after being closed for the public.

Yes, the cast members who always work hard for the guests can be the guests only on that day.

But the question now arises:

If all the cast members become the guests, then who work as the cast members? The answer is, regular employees of the Oriental Land serve as the cast members and entertain the regular cast members on that day.

Besides, the Thanks Day is not just a day to entertain the cast members. By experiencing the Disney Resort as guests, they can reconfirm how the guests see and feel from the guest’s perspective. Also, by receiving services from the Oriental Land regular employees, they can learn what is lacking in their own service and how to improve it. It is such a great opportunity to learn and enjoy, which can be expressed as ‘killing three birds with one stone’.

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