【tdr0040】 Where and what do cast members eat?


At present, 2,201 regular employees, 777 theme park employees and 18,066 semi-regular employees are working in the Tokyo Disney Resort (as of March 31, 2012).

Given the huge size of the theme parks, it is understandable that there are so many cast members. Now, don’t you wonder where they have their meals?

Cast members take breaks and have meals, of course, but we have no chance to see them doing so. We cannot help imagining how those working in a ‘dreamland’ take breaks in the back stage.

To tell the truth, there are seven company cafeterias in Tokyo Disney Resort. Of course only staff members are allowed to enter, but let us tell you where they are located.

[Tokyo Disneyland]

● Cast-In: Back side of the Pirates of the Caribbean
○ Fancy: Back side of the It’s A Small World
● T-Lounge: Back side of the Space Mountain

[Tokyo DisneySea]

○ Chef Hat: Located between the head-office building and Hotel MiraCosta.
● Sea Kitchen: Back stage of the Lost River Delta
○ Bay Front: Back side of the S.S. Columbia


● S-Cafe: Cafeteria used by cast members of both Disneyland and DisneySea, located underneath the depot of the Disney Resort Line.

It is very ‘Disney-like’ that each cafeteria has its own name.

However, the inside of the cafeterias seems no different from that of common company cafeterias.

Most of the menus are Japanese or Western foods, and the prices are very reasonable. Most of the dishes are enjoyed with only one coin; at less than 500 yen. Surprisingly, even the most expensive steak set is less than 600 yen. They really are company cafeterias.

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