【tdr0016】A test only for the cast members?


The cast members working in Tokyo Disney Resort are required to have extensive Disney-related knowledge, such as the films and attractions. Therefore, it is difficult for non-Disney fans to carry out the duties there; in fact, many of the cast members are Disney fans from the beginning.

By the way, these cast members are granted several privileges.

For example, a passport to Disney Parks, “Thanks Day” on which cast members can enjoy the attractions after the Disney Parks are closed to the public, experience of new attractions, canoe races, Disney film screening, and so on.

There are many, even countless things that can be experienced only by the cast members, but one of the most unique and humorous ones among them is “TODIC”, a test only the cast members are qualified to take.

Well, this may sound somewhat familiar to you… Yes, this is a pun on the word “TOEIC”: Test Of English for International Communication.

The TODIC, or Test Of Disney resort Intelligence and Capability, is a very important test to evaluate the cast members’ knowledge and ability on Tokyo Disney Resort.

What is surprising is that TODIC has as many as 100 questions.

The test includes tough questions in a wide range of themes such as information of Tokyo Disney Resort, how to serve for the guests, and knowledge as a cast member.

It should be very tough for the examinees with so many difficult questions, but there is something good, too; TODIC goods such as a pencil case and a pencil are given to all the examinees. These must be perfect mementos for the examinees.

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